How Can Your Business Hire Quickly…and Effectively?

Having to go through thousands of resumes and hundreds of candidates on a weekly basis can become very stressful, not to mention time-consuming. But if you have a routine in place and access to valuable tools, you can streamline your hiring process so that it’s efficient and effective.

Sell the Role

Be straightforward when you’re writing the job posting. If you’re not upfront about what the job really entails and what skills and qualifications are necessary, then you’ll be bombarded with random applicants who aren’t really suited for the job. Give an idea about what the day-to-day activities are like, what kind of support team the candidate will work with, and the type of projects involved. This will ensure that anyone not willing to work in this environment and take on those types of responsibilities won’t apply.

Make the position seem as appealing as possible so that the most talented and qualified candidates apply. Let them know about the opportunities for growth and development the company can provide.

Build a Talent Pool

Create a database of solid, qualified candidates so you can quickly fill positions as they become available. Maintain a relationship with those candidates, so they trust you and will accept a role when you offer it. This is even easier to do now with email, texting, and social media.

Try Video Interviews

Video interviews are a great, practical way to quickly determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a job. You can read his or her personality and communication skills and no one has to travel to do so!

Use Smart Screen Tools

Smart screening, which is asking candidates a specific barrage of questions or a to fill out a personality test, is a great way for you to save time and at least narrow down a list of top candidates. You can customize your list of questions so that they best predict job performance and compare candidate answers. Afterwards, you can figure out which responses are the most ideal and which applicants you’d like to interview further.

Speed it Up

It’s so easy to apply for jobs online now that recruiters are flooded with resumes of qualified candidates. But once you have a procedure in place, you can streamline your hiring process so it goes smoothly and efficiently and you won’t go overwhelmed. Ideally, it should take you about a month to fill a position.

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