Vetting Job Candidates? Stay Compliant, While Getting the Information You Need

Hiring in Middle Tennessee? Then you know how valuable background checks can be in protecting your business: reducing bad hires and resultant turnover costs; reducing expenses caused by frequent absenteeism, employee theft, employee fraud and litigation; reducing risks associated with employee drug and alcohol abuse; improving safety in the workplace… But along with these benefits… Read more »

Employee Vacation Time: Make Sure Your People Use It by Year’s End!

There are less than seven weeks left in the year. And for many Middle Tennessee employers, it’s the BUSIEST time of year. So, why would we be writing a post about encouraging employees to take time off? It’s simple: Research proves it’s good for business. According to Project: Time Off, employees who take all their… Read more »

Not Sure if an Employer – or Job – Is Right for You?

Take your time deciding! Throughout Middle Tennessee, more and more employers are opting to hire new employees on a temporary-to-hire (also called temp-to-hire) basis – and with good reason. Temp-to-hire staffing allows the hiring manager to conduct a “working interview,” evaluating the candidate’s skills, experience and culture-fit while they work on assignment. If the candidate… Read more »

Trick or Treat? How to Avoid Hiring Scary Job Candidates

Every time you recruit, you’ll attract a wide range of candidates: “A-level” talent – who will fit, perform and thrive; mediocre candidates – who may or may not live up to your expectations; nightmare applicants – who will turn into real horror stories if you unwittingly hire them. Obviously, you can see where we’re going… Read more »

Halloween Happenings in Middle Tennessee

Halloween 2017 is just around the corner! If you’re looking for things to do in Middle TN, here are a few options to get you in the “spirit.” And from all of us at your Lebanon staffing agency, Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Patch at Gentry’s Farm Location: 1974 Highway 96 West, Franklin Date/Time: Saturday, October 28,… Read more »

Stumped? How to Handle Interview Questions You Really Don’t Have an Answer For

Zingers. Curve balls. Brain teasers. You know they’re coming in your next interview. But unfortunately, no amount of practice, preparation or research will help you answer them. So, if you find yourself completely bewildered by a tough interview question, what’s the best response when you really have no response? Let’s review a few smart ways… Read more »

It’s the 4th Quarter: Finish Strong – and Create Serious Momentum for 2018

Your competition is already creating their strategic staffing plan for 2018. What about you? Strategic planning is a great way to set a clear course for your organization and build momentum heading into the New Year. And no plan is complete without a comprehensive staffing and recruiting plan – because you need the right people,… Read more »

Do You Need Seasonal Staff – Or Is It Really Time to Hire?

Does your Middle Tennessee business have predictable, seasonal surges in business? Many of our clients engage seasonal temporary employees to handle short-term upticks in demand – and with good reason. Seasonal temporary employees: Save money in the recruiting and hiring processes (including the cost of a bad hire). Reduce overtime, health benefits, taxes and workers’… Read more »

Big Ideas: How to Screen Candidates for Strategic Thinking Skills

Every Middle Tennessee organization needs strategic thinkers: forward-looking, big-picture visionaries who: spot emerging trends and threats; connect the dots, by identifying interrelationships among business elements; think competitively, to improve products or services and gain an edge; ensure their organization is fully prepared to thrive in today’s volatile economy. Knowing that you need strategic thinkers is… Read more »

Why Do You Deserve This Job? Answer This Question with Ease

Why do you deserve this job? from Wood Personnel Services Why do you deserve this job? What makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Why should we hire you? Regardless of the phrasing, you’ll field a question like this in your next job interview. Your mission? Leave no doubt in the interviewer’s mind that… Read more »