Beat the Heat in Middle Tennessee: 4 Cool Things to Do In and Around Nashville this Summer

Summer is just a few days away! Throughout Middle Tennessee, people are looking for ways to have fun, stay cool and make the most of every day. Nashville has always been an amazing and interesting city; here are a few of our Nashville staffing and employment agency‘s top picks for beating the heat this summer:… Read more »

First Impressions Count! 3 Must-Read Posts to Impress a Recruiter – and Get That Job

Unemployment may be low right now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put your best foot forward when meeting with a recruiter. Today, our Gallatin recruiting agency recaps three must-read posts for anyone who’s looking for jobs in Middle TN: Impress That Recruiter Before You Even Say, “Hello!” We say it all the… Read more »

Cut That Out! Stop Doing These Things that Sabotage Workplace Productivity

It’s no big secret: High productivity starts with great habits. But just because something is common knowledge doesn’t mean it’s common practice. As a manager or supervisor, part of your role is helping yourself and your direct reports to develop better productivity habits – while eliminating activities that waste valuable time and energy. Are you… Read more »

Reasons to Switch to a New Technical & Management Recruiter

They fill your technical jobs. Most of the time. They understand your business challenges and strategic goals. Sort of. They know what it takes for professionals to thrive in your organization’s culture. For the most part. Are you settling for mediocrity from your staffing partner? Your technical & management recruiter should be creating amazing results… Read more »

Why Isn’t Anyone Applying to Your Jobs?

Hiring? It’s tough out there. With Nashville’s unemployment rate one of the lowest in the entire nation, you can’t just copy an old job description, slap it up on a job board, and call it a day. Well, you can do that, but your ideal candidate isn’t likely to apply to it. In today’s employment… Read more »

Assess Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Hires

Workforce demographics are changing. Skills gaps are widening. Employee loyalty isn’t what it used to be. In today’s environment, hiring mistakes can be extremely costly. What’s the best way to ensure success? Obviously, you need to make sure your candidate has the right experience and job skills. Beyond that, however, you should also assess the… Read more »

Frustrated at Work? Don’t Complain; Do This Instead

Can’t remember your last raise? Annoyed by an obnoxious coworker who talks incessantly about themselves? Ready to hurl your broken desk chair out the window? You may be tempted to whine and complain – but that won’t get you anywhere. Complaining doesn’t work. It rarely has any positive effect. It antagonizes coworkers. And honestly, complaining… Read more »

“You’re Doing That Wrong”: Tips for Providing Constructive Employee Feedback

Employee feedback that: is rooted in frustration or anger? only criticizes behavior, without sharing constructive advice for improvement? is shared publicly? Yikes – that’s a recipe for disaster. When employees feel personally attacked, are humiliated or receive no clear direction for improving their performance, they’re not likely to take advice to heart. They’ll just wind… Read more »

The Lowest of the Low: Unemployment in Nashville is the Lowest of Any U.S. Large Metro Area!

How low is Nashville’s unemployment rate? 5%? 3.5%? Try 2.7%! This recent Nashville Business Journal article shared several eye-opening facts that galvanize exactly how strong our employment market is: For the month of February 2018, government data showed the Greater Nashville area’s unemployment rate was just 2.7%. Among the 51 U.S. metro areas with populations… Read more »

Line up Your Summer Jobs in Middle Tennessee NOW

The weather is heating up – and your job search should be, too! Employers throughout Cool Springs and the entire Middle Tennessee area are already making plans to add seasonal staff. What’s the smartest way to land the summer or seasonal job you want? Apply with the leading Middle Tennessee employment agency: Wood Personnel. Whether… Read more »