We’re Here For You

Our Employees

All Wood Personnel Services offices are open. Essential staff rotates, working remotely and working in-office, every other day. Other nonessential staff members are allowed to work remotely unless their physical presence is needed to accomplish a necessary task. We make sure our offices are cleaned and disinfected daily and good hygiene practices are being followed. Social distancing is being practiced in all offices and interviews and meetings are being done virtually.

Our Associates

We are having applicants complete applications and onboarding documents electronically before being scheduled for a virtual interview. All applicants and temporary employees are asked specific COVID-19 screening questions if they need to come to one of our offices, also when they arrive at our office, and prior to being sent on a new assignment.

Our Clients

We understand that your business may be experiencing fluctuating needs contingent on the labor demand of your industry. Our primary focus is to ensure that our team recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on your daily operations and find solutions to support you on our current staffing structure as well as additional needs that may arise. We will also continue to focus on growing our talent pools by ensuring that our dedicated recruiters can virtually interview, hire, and onboard workers as seamlessly as they can in person.

Think Local

During this time of social distancing, it’s important to think local. Support your neighbors. Small business owners and entrepreneurs contribute to your community, which means you are helping boost the local economy. In times like now, these businesses depend on us investing in them, the way they have invested and provided for so many.

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