Mastering the Ask: How to Request a Raise With Confidence

Mastering the Ask: How to Request a Raise with Confidence - Wood Personnel Services

The subject of asking for a raise makes many people cringe. Although the process is intimidating and uncomfortable, please understand that it is acceptable to ask for a raise. If your company does not offer annual salary increases, asking might be the only way to get a raise. Do not be uncomfortable. Asking for a […]

Get Paid What You’re Worth – How to Ask for a Raise the Right Way

Thinking about asking for a raise, but still hesitating? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be.  A recent New York Times article reports that median pay for top executives at big 200 companies was up 23 percent last year.  Corporate wallets are opening up.  It’s time to get your share. Still, asking for more money can be […]