ACA Requirements: Tips when using Wood Personnel Temporary Employees

  When it comes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But if you’ve ever tried reading the ACA and understanding its complex requirements, that “ounce of prevention” can give you a really big headache. For example, the ACA sets forth very specific […]

Co-Employment, Workplace Safety or Employee Classification Concerns? Get the facts here.

In today’s economic and regulatory environments, employing people is complex business. But the simple fact is, you can’t get your work done without the help of great people! And often, an experienced Middle TN employment agency like Wood Personnel can make things easier – by providing cost-effective, flexible access to the qualified resources you need. […]

Tips for Making Co-Employment Work

Part 2:  Co-Employment Tips for Success An earlier post featured a link to a brief quiz on co-employment laws.  How well did you do? If your score was less than perfect, don’t worry.  This week’s post contains practical tips to maximize the effectiveness of your co-employment arrangement, while minimizing the potential for problems: Let the staffing firm do […]

Do You Know Your Co-Employment Law?

Part 1:  Test Your Knowledge   Today’s post is the first in a two-part installment on co-employment laws – those that govern any situation in which two legally distinct employers (typically a staffing firm and their business client) have employer-employee relationships with the same person.  Over the past several years, co-employment law has rapidly evolved in response to the […]