Get Middle TN Employees Onboard with Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

“How do I get my employees fired up about our safety program?” It can be a real challenge, especially with the pressures, demands and distractions you all face in your day-to-day jobs. But the most comprehensive safety initiatives in the world won’t accomplish much unless employees embrace and execute them every day. If you really […]

Not a Mind Reader? 6 Things Your Supervisor Wishes You Knew

Work would be so much easier if you had psychic abilities. You’d be able to: know what your boss was thinking anticipate his frustrations understand how to exceed his expectations …all without him ever having to utter a single word! Sadly, however, the vast majority of us has no psychic ability whatsoever. But even if […]

5 Ways to Leave Work Where it Belongs: at Work!

  All work and no play? That’s a sure-fire recipe for stress. Family time, leisure time and sound sleep are essential to keeping you balanced, focused and successful in your career. But if your mind is always occupied with work, it’s virtually impossible to recharge when you’re away. The result? Fatigue. Anxiety. Inability to “be […]

Have a Business Challenge That’s Tough as Wood?

We’ll cut it down to size! Regardless of your business or industry, it’s tough being an employer these days. Tight labor markets, increasing regulation and an unpredictable economy are just a few of the challenges you face, and it’s not likely to get easier any time soon. Wood Personnel is here to help. Intelligent use […]

How to Screen Resumes Faster

Dreading that inbox flooded with applications? If you don’t have sophisticated applicant tracking system technology, hand-sifting through piles of resumes can be a time- and labor-intensive process. Still, screening resumes effectively is vital to identifying the best candidates for your available job. How can you speed up the process, without sacrificing accuracy (and overlooking a […]