Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation

It’s vacation time! But perhaps finances are a bit tight. Or, maybe a family member’s schedule is too hectic for them to take a full week off work. Heck, maybe the thought of packing and traveling just doesn’t appeal to you. None of these things should stop you from enjoying your vacation days. Jetting off […]

Make their First Day Great! To Do List for Welcoming New Hires

New Hires in Nashville | Wood Personnel Services

It’s the first day for your shiny new recruit. Your job? To make sure he gets off to a fantastic start. And that starts with a solid onboarding process. Effective onboarding creates a host of benefits for your company and your new employee. It sets a positive tone for your employment relationship by building the […]

Want to Recruit Better Talent? Think like a marketer.

What do potential job applicants think when they encounter your job postings online: A: “WOW! This company is amazing. I really want this job – it sounds perfect!” B: “Huh. Looks like this company is hiring.” C: (yawn) “Anybody want to order pizza?” If it’s not response “A,” you need to read this post! Below […]

Hiring Administrative Personnel? Ask these essential questions

  Hiring clerical or administrative personnel? You’re faced with a tough task. While some employers believe that hiring administrative staff is a cinch, identifying candidates who have the “whole package” – the right experience, job skills and personality traits to really thrive in your company – is a tall order. In an employment market where […]

4 Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety in Your Middle TN Organization

  Workplace safety is a key concern for any Middle Tennessee business. Whether you work in a 50-year-old office or a state-of-the-art production facility, accidents, illnesses and injuries can occur anytime. Over the past few years, we’ve written extensively on the topic of workplace safety. So today, we’ve gathered our best posts to help you […]

Maximizing Productivity in a Cubicle Work Environment

The upsides of cubicles? They open up work space. They promote idea-sharing and simplify access. They’re great for closely knit teams because they encourage collaboration. The downsides? They can be noisy. Interior cubicles can be dark. They make it difficult to get focus work done. The simple fact is, a cubicle work arrangement is a […]