What Might Employees Want from a Modern Corporate Culture?

Improving Employee Well Being Holiday Season

Corporate culture has been—and continues to be—important in attracting and retaining employees. Beyond the day-to-day of the job, with responsibilities and deadlines, a company’s culture makes it enjoyable to spend your 40 hours in an atmosphere you enjoy. Company cultures continue to evolve, especially with the shifting face of the American workplace. Many companies feature […]

Improve Your Culture to Increase Employee Happiness – and Your Bottom Line!

Happy employees -> a healthier bottom line. Research cited in this Fast Company article showed that happiness made workers 12% more productive. It makes sense. When people are feeling positive and engaged in their work, they naturally perform at their best. And fortunately, there’s a lot you can do as an employer to ensure your […]

Make Your Middle TN Company a Great Place to Work by Promoting These 2 Things

Want more high-quality candidate referrals? Want to keep your employees happy, focused and giving their best effort every day? Want to wake up and actually look forward to going to work in the morning? Become a great place to work! Throughout Middle Tennessee, smart employers realize that positive, fulfilling workplaces enjoy a host of advantages, […]