What Should Hiring Managers Do to Make BETTER Hiring Decisions?

What should hiring managers do to make BETTER hiring decisions? - Wood Personnel Services

These days, you cannot afford to take a chance on bad hires. It is time to create an interview process that assesses a candidate‚Äôs skills, aptitude, and potential for cultural fit. Here is how you can make better hiring decisions. How to Make Better Hiring Decisions Create Universal Hiring Criteria Make your hiring criteria applicable […]

That Candidate Looks Great on Paper – But Will They Fit Your Culture? (part 1)

It doesn’t make sense. After hiring what you thought was the ideal candidate – someone with the right skills and background, and an appropriate level of experience – you watched them flounder. Despite your best efforts, within a few months, they crashed and burned. Where did your hiring process go wrong? Maybe they weren’t the […]