Assess Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Hires

Workforce demographics are changing. Skills gaps are widening. Employee loyalty isn’t what it used to be. In today’s environment, hiring mistakes can be extremely costly. What’s the best way to ensure success? Obviously, you need to make sure your candidate has the right experience and job skills. Beyond that, however, you should also assess the […]

Improve Productivity in Your Middle Tennessee Workplace

Stop for a minute and take a quick inventory – how often do you try to do more than one thing at a time?  Type an e-mail while sitting in on a conference call?  Eat lunch while preparing a report?  Talk to a co-worker while checking your iPhone? If you’re like most professionals, you probably […]

Jobs in Middle Tennessee: Do You Really Need a Paper Résumé in the Digital Age?

In a word:  “Yes!” Despite the popularity (and convenience) of the electronic résumé, most hiring managers and recruiters still like the low-tech printed version.  In fact, many experts say that a paper résumé can still actually make or break your bid for a job in Nashville.  Here are a few reasons why: Note taking.  Recruiters […]