They’re Checking You Out: You should do the same!

Searching for the best jobs in Murfreesboro? Then it’s time to do a little sleuthing. When you’re interview with a Middle TN employer, you can bet that they’re checking you out thoroughly: your background, social media profiles, employment history and more. Well, you should do the same! Investigating a prospective employer is just “smart business” […]

The Big Picture in Hiring and Workforce Management

Struggling with increasing turnover? Finding it difficult to recruit for skilled positions? Concerned with rising healthcare costs? Believe us, you’re not alone. Across the nation, organizations are struggling with a host of hiring and employment-related challenges, according to a recent survey of about 500 HR and hiring managers. The study showed that a wide range […]

Trends in Middle Tennessee Staffing and Workforce Management – What will 2014 bring?

One of the best ways to predict the future? Look to the past for trends, patterns and insights. It’s been four years since the end of the Great Recession. Since then, the temporary staffing industry has grown dramatically.  That growth will likely be sustained, as Staffing Industry Analysts has predicted that the U.S. staffing industry […]

Personality and Job Fit: Find the right position for your natural traits

Are you in the right job for your personality? The simple fact is, certain personality types naturally complement certain types of work. And when you work at a job that’s a great fit for you, you’re more likely to be happy, fulfilled in your work and successful. Today, Wood Personnel presents some common personality categories […]