ACA in 2016: 3 Ways Staffing Can Help Your Middle TN Business Manage Costs

As of January 1, the ACA has changed its definition of a “small employer” and is now requiring employers with 50 to 100 full-time/full-time-equivalent employees to offer adequate, affordable health coverage to the majority of employees and their dependent children. Whew – that’s a mouthful. In simpler language, it’s getting more expensive this year to […]

What Does Tennessee’s New Employment Litigation Reform Law Mean for Your Business?

Good news. Recent changes to employment litigation law are a boon for Tennessee employers in their defense of discrimination and retaliation claims. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill that places caps on the availability of non-monetary damages that Tennessee employees can seek under three acts: Tennessee Human Rights Act (THRA) Tennessee […]

Smart Strategies for Reducing Middle TN Unemployment Costs

Looking for ways to minimize your employment-related expenses? Who isn’t? As one of the biggest line items on your P&L, labor-related expenses can have a big impact on your overhead – and ultimately, your profitability. Unemployment taxes are one of the few personnel taxes you can directly control; therefore, they present significant opportunities for minimizing […]

Hiring Customer Service Personnel in Middle Tennessee? Read this post first.

Providing consistently exceptional customer support can create real business advantages for your organization.  When you have the right service personnel in place, you can retain more customers, generate free positive word-of-mouth advertising (because well-treated customers are likely to tell others about their great experiences) and build a better bottom line. So when it’s time to […]

Do Your Employees and Co-Workers Really Like You?

You don’t have to necessarily be liked to get your job done. But it can make things a whole lot easier for you.  Being viewed positively in the workplace often goes hand-in-hand with being respected, being successful, being promoted and earning more money. So do your employees and co-workers like you? If you put a […]