Temporary-to-Hire Staffing Services: Good for your business, good for the Middle TN economy

Temp-to-hire staffing (also known as try-before-hire or temp-to-perm) lets you try out a candidate on-the-job before extending an offer for direct employment. Instead of being hired as your full-time employee right away, an employee is first hired by your staffing service. Then, he is assigned to work at your company as a temporary. During a probationary period (usually 10 weeks), you get […]

How Middle Tennessee Employers Can Effectively Use QR Codes in Recruiting

QR codes are everywhere – on product labels, billboards, and buildings, inviting passers-by to pull out their mobile phones and uncover the encoded information. Sure, they make sense for linking consumers to product websites.  But did you know that those funny-looking little black-and-white boxes can also be a valuable recruiting tool? Integrated properly, QR codes […]