Hire People Who Can’t Do the Job (Yet!)

Excited New Hire

How many of your jobs include the phrase “experience needed”? Unless you’re hiring for true entry-level roles, some kind of work experience is likely required for your jobs: industry experience job skill/technical experience experience in a similar position even experience using certain “soft skills” But are all of these types of experience mandatory – or […]

Employee Vacation Time: Make Sure Your People Use It by Year’s End!

There are less than seven weeks left in the year. And for many Middle Tennessee employers, it’s the BUSIEST time of year. So, why would we be writing a post about encouraging employees to take time off? It’s simple: Research proves it’s good for business. According to Project: Time Off, employees who take all their […]

Retaliation Claims: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Risks

You just had to reprimand or terminate an employee. They’re MAD – and threatening to sue, because they claim your actions were in retaliation for their complaints about being harassed or discriminated against at work. Are you breaking into a cold sweat – or keeping your cool? Retaliation claims are the leading type of allegations […]

Hiring for Attitude: 5 Revealing Behavioral Interview Questions

Interview Questions | Wood Personnel Services

When it comes to effective interviewing, knowledge is power! And acquiring that knowledge starts with asking the right questions.The interview questions you pose greatly impact your ability to determine whether or not a candidate is a strong match for the position. Obviously, you need to cover the basics to assess job skills and experience. But […]

Want to Recruit Better Talent? Think like a marketer.

What do potential job applicants think when they encounter your job postings online: A: “WOW! This company is amazing. I really want this job – it sounds perfect!” B: “Huh. Looks like this company is hiring.” C: (yawn) “Anybody want to order pizza?” If it’s not response “A,” you need to read this post! Below […]

Tips for Happier Employees in the New Year

It’s no big mystery: Happier employees are more productive, motivated and healthy. What’s more, research from 24 Seven has shown that unsatisfied employees are 11 times more likely to leave their jobs within 12 months – which is significant, when you consider the costs of recruiting, hiring and training replacement workers. With the holidays upon […]