Tough Business Challenges? 2 Fresh Ways to Tackle Them

Ever heard of the inversion technique or rapid prototyping? Hint: They have nothing to do with overturned buckets or 3D printers. Admittedly, these terms may sound strange, but don’t discount them until you’ve read more about them. They may hold the key to overcoming your tough business challenges. The Inversion Technique This unique approach to […]

Stormy Weather: Pay and Absence Tips for Inclement Weather

Winter is just around the corner. And with it comes incredibly unpredictable weather conditions. Icy roads. And even sleet or snow. So here’s the big question for today’s post: When inclement weather hits, are your HR policies up to the challenge? According to an ERC/smart Business Workplace Practice Survey, only 39% of employers have a […]

Biggest Challenges Facing HR in the Next Decade

What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing HR during the next decade? This is one of the questions posed in a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management titled “Challenges Facing Organizations and HR in the Next 10 Years.” The survey responses, gathered from 449 HR professionals, show that: Getting and […]