5 Questions that Break Through a Candidate’s “Interview Persona”

Make no mistake about it. Whether your job candidates call it “putting their best foot forward,” “playing the game,” or “putting on their best face,” interviewees try to hide behind personas they create – and show you only what they want you to know. Who can blame them, really? They’re trying to land jobs, and […]

How to Screen Resumes Faster

Dreading that inbox flooded with applications? If you don’t have sophisticated applicant tracking system technology, hand-sifting through piles of resumes can be a time- and labor-intensive process. Still, screening resumes effectively is vital to identifying the best candidates for your available job. How can you speed up the process, without sacrificing accuracy (and overlooking a […]

Want to Attract and Retain Better Employees? Start by becoming a “talent magnet”

Competition for great talent is a top hiring challenge for Middle Tennessee companies – and employers across the nation.  According to HireRight’s 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, finding, retaining and developing quality talent was cited as the biggest business issue for 52 percent of employers surveyed. We’ve known for some time that, in many industries, […]

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Middle Tennessee Workplace – A Growing Concern

Imagine this scenario: A female employee tells her boss at work that she is pregnant.  Her boss fires her after learning the news, even though she is still able to work for several more months. Sound unbelievable?  Unfortunately, things like this really do happen – right here, in Middle Tennessee. Cases of women being fired […]