Four Large Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Common Resume Mistakes | Wood Personnel Services

Getting your resume ready for your next job? Your resume is an important document in your job search. But it needs to be in good shape in order to impress potential employers, hiring managers, and recruiters. You can take steps to make sure you avoid the most commonly seen resume mistakes. This way, you’ll help […]

What is the true value of a proper and professional resume?

Are resumes outdated? With sites like LinkedIn, it may seem that your resume is an old-fashioned document, a thing of the past. But this simply isn’t true. Just take it from a leading provider of immediate hiring jobs in Nashville, TN. In fact, your resume is the number-one resource recruiters and hiring managers use as […]

What are the Best Ways to Find a Job in Nashville?

Finding a Job in Nashville TN

If you’re in search of a new job in and around Nashville, TN—how do you find one? The job market can be tricky right now. Some industries are struggling in the current pandemic economy. But others are doing really well. It all depends on the types of jobs hiring in Nashville TN and what you’re […]

How to Spot Exaggerations or Lies on an Applicant’s Resume

Lying on a Resume

You start reading an applicant’s resume. It sounds really, really good! As your eyes skip happily down the page, you can hardly believe you’ve found this gem of a candidate. Every skill and qualification they’ve listed is exactly what you’re looking for. Then you start to think about it a little more. This person could […]