That Candidate Looks Great on Paper – But Will They Fit Your Culture? (part 2)

They certainly have the skills and experience you’re looking for. But will that new hire thrive on the job – or clash with your team? In our first post of this “hiring for cultural fit” series, we detailed hiring techniques you can use to gauge how well a potential employee will match your organizational culture. […]

Stumped? How to Handle Interview Questions You Really Don’t Have an Answer For

Zingers. Curve balls. Brain teasers. You know they’re coming in your next interview. But unfortunately, no amount of practice, preparation or research will help you answer them. So, if you find yourself completely bewildered by a tough interview question, what’s the best response when you really have no response? Let’s review a few smart ways […]

Why Do You Deserve This Job? Answer This Question with Ease

Why do you deserve this job? from Wood Personnel Services Why do you deserve this job? What makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Why should we hire you? Regardless of the phrasing, you’ll field a question like this in your next job interview. Your mission? Leave no doubt in the interviewer’s mind that […]

Want a Production Job? Make sure you can answer these questions

 Want a Production Job? Make Sure You Can Answer THESE Questions from Wood Personnel Services     If you’re searching for a production job, you’re in high demand. Throughout Middle Tennessee, opportunities run the gamut – from entry-level line workers to facility supervisors. But when you interview for one of these positions, the questions […]

After the Interview: 7 Tips to Help you Edge Out your Competition

“Thank you for your time today.  We’ll be in touch soon.” You’ve just walked out of an interview for your dream job.  Things seem to have gone well – you were calm and poised, answered questions intelligently, made appropriate eye contact, and really put your best foot forward. Now what? For many job seekers, walking […]