Are You on Your Way Out the Door? Don’t be the last to know

Do you have a great job? Are you really sure about that? Even if you have what you consider to be a “secure” position, there are no guarantees in life – especially when it comes to the business world. Companies’ financial prospects change. Marketplaces dry up. Management takes business in a different direction. Changes like […]

How to Effectively Answer the Toughest Phone Interview Questions

Telephone interviews are a common element in a Middle Tennessee recruiter’s candidate selection process.  They help the interviewer weed out applicants who don’t meet the job’s basic requirements. If you perform well over the phone, you can expect to be offered an in-person interview.  But you have just a few minutes to make a favorable […]

To Find a Great Job in Middle Tennessee, Make Sure You Prepare Your References

So what does a Middle Tennessee job seeker have to do these days to land a great opportunity? You have to think ahead further in the hiring process.  When a recruiter contacts you and invites you in for an interview, you need to have your resume ready, your interview answers prepared, your appearance polished and […]

Job Hunting Tips for the “Mature” Middle Tennessee Job Seeker

The stress of a job search can give you a few grey hairs. But what if you already have a few grey hairs before you even start your job search? If you’re over 50 and looking for a job in Middle Tennessee, it’s natural to wonder if your age is a cause for concern.  While […]