Tips for Applying Online to Jobs in Middle TN

Job boards can be a great source for immediate employment opportunities in Middle Tennessee. But if all you do is submit a generic resume in response to a posting, you’re not doing much to set yourself apart. Think of it this way. If you’re a recruiter who’s sorting through dozens (or even hundreds!) of applications, […]

Middle Tennessee Job Search Tips: Yes, Manners DO Matter – Here’s Why

Trying to land an interview? Get noticed by a recruiter? Break into a new company? Then it’s in your best interest to be polite and professional. Good manners are just as important in your job search as they are in a fancy restaurant. And even a small etiquette oversight can knock you out of contention. […]

Job Hunting Tips for the “Mature” Middle Tennessee Job Seeker

The stress of a job search can give you a few grey hairs. But what if you already have a few grey hairs before you even start your job search? If you’re over 50 and looking for a job in Middle Tennessee, it’s natural to wonder if your age is a cause for concern.  While […]