Tips to Stay Safe on Temp Assignments in Middle TN

A tall stack of books. A wet floor. A burned out light bulb. A disorganized work station. What do they have in common? They all present potential workplace hazards. Keeping our employees safe while on assignment is a top priority for our Murfreesboro employment agency. So today, our staffing experts are sharing our top tips […]

Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search? Mind your manners!

  Etiquette used to be so simple: Close your mouth when you chew. Always send a thank-you note. Don’t interrupt your parents while they’re speaking. Today, however, the “rules of engagement” have become much more complex. Digital communication, in particular, has given rise to an entirely new set of online etiquette rules. So if you’re […]

Ready to Re-Skill? 4 FREE ways to acquire new job skills in Middle Tennessee

  To get ahead in your career, you must never stop learning. But with the average cost of tuition and fees ranging from $9,000 to $30,000 per year, acquiring those skills in a college classroom is an extremely expensive proposition. True, many fields require a 4-year degree. But, there are many other less-expensive ways to […]

5 Ways to Give Your Career a Makeover in 2015

Buying a new outfit or updating your hairstyle can go a long way toward making over your professional appearance. But if you’re still stuck in the same ho-hum job, you may not need to overhaul your look – you may need to overhaul your career. How do you give your career a makeover? Today, our […]

Your Middle Tennessee Job Search: Are you using these 5 creative tactics?

Great job skills will help you keep your job.  But you need great job search skills to land one in the first place! If your tactics are limited to hitting the “Apply Now” button on your favorite job site, it’s time to get creative.  To move your career forward, check out these fresh ways to […]