How to Detect Unqualified Job Applicants

How to Detect Unqualified Job Applicants - Wood Personnel Services

Applying for a job is easier than ever, so there is no shortage of candidates applying to fill your open positions. Unfortunately, not all of them are qualified. More applications do not necessarily mean better applicants. Avoid Hiring Unqualified Candidates Write a Precise Job Description Job descriptions are where many companies set themselves up for […]

Is It Okay If My Resume Doesn’t Fit a Full Page?

Is it okay if my resume doesn't fit a full page? Wood Personnel Services

Most agree that a resume should be one-page. This resume length is particularly effective for new workers who need more experience. But what if you need more experience to fit one full page? Do you have an extensive work history that needs to be shorter? It is not the world’s end if your resume is […]