Why You Should Be Developing In-Demand Tech Skills To Stay Competitive

Why You Should Be Developing In-Demand Tech Skills to Stay Competitive - Wood Personnel Group

The evolution of technology in the workplace is continual. To stay competitive, you must develop tech skills. Research says that workers with tech skills earn approximately 49% more income than those workers who do not use technical skills. Understanding the most in-demand technology skills will help you make informed career choices and take steps to […]

How Mentorship Can Propel Your Career Forward

How Mentorship Can Propel Your Career Forward - Wood Personnel Services

So, you are ready to take your career to the next level. Your educational background is impressive. You have significant work experience, and your extracurricular activities are exciting. Everything is in place for advancement. However, you still need help taking the next step. Do you have a mentor? The right mentor can help you take […]

Is It Time to Revitalize and Relaunch Your Career?

How to be More Appealing to Potential Employers | Wood Personnel

The past few years have been tough on all of us. You may have found yourself with a major shift in how you were able to perform your job due to shifting restrictions. Some found themselves working fully remote, while others found themselves at work with process changes to allow for health and safety. And […]

What Soft Skills Do You Need for Your Career?

“Which Soft Skills Do I Need for My Job?” It’s a question job seekers ask our recruiters all the time. Regardless of your industry or job function, soft skills are essential to landing a position – and thriving in it once hired. These traits allow you to work well as a functioning member of a […]

Land a Great Job in Middle Tennessee in 30 Seconds, Flat!

Land a Great Job in Middle Tennessee | Wood Personnel Services

Looking for your next dream job? You’ll land it faster if you have a solid “elevator pitch.” What’s an Elevator Pitch? In simplest terms, an elevator pitch is a statement that accurately sums up the unique benefit you offer a potential employer. It should: be short – 30 seconds or less; contain value-oriented statements which […]