Weather: HOT. Productivity…NOT?

The mercury is rising. Schools are closing. Vacations are looming. And employee productivity? Well, get ready for a real nose dive…unless you’re being proactive, that is. Summer brings with it excitement, fun and myriad distractions. Even if your employees show up to work, their minds may be on anything BUT work. What are the best […]

Business Growing? 4 Ways Your Middle TN Staffing Partner Can Help

Time for some Middle Tennessee math: Q: What do you get when you add: an educated workforce; a cost of doing business that’s nearly 10% lower than the national average; and premier location? A: A booming economy – and impressive business growth! Throughout our region, organizations are expanding. Many employers are moving their national headquarters […]

Ghosting: Are You Scaring Away Good Candidates?

Ghosting | Wood Personnel Services

Was it something the interviewer said? Did your candidate receive a better offer? You’ll never know – because you’ve just been “ghosted,” and you’ll never hear from that job seeker again. Typically, “ghosting” is a term used in the dating world, to describe cutting off all contact with someone – with no warning or explanation. […]

HR Policies: Bring Your Gun to Work?

Last year, approximately 353 mass shootings occurred in the U.S. In many of those cases, such as the Colorado Springs and San Bernadino shootings, employees were killed or injured. Not surprisingly, many states (including Tennessee) have recently passed a variety of Bring Your Gun to Work laws. Undeniably, the U.S. Constitution protects its citizens’ right […]

Spot an I-9 Error? Skip the White-Out – Do This Instead

  What would you do if received a Notice of Inspection (NOI) from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Panic? Break out in a cold sweat? Or lean back in your chair and declare, “I got this.” If it’s not the third option, you need to read this post! Properly preparing for an ICE audit means […]