Flu Season is Here! Make Sure Your Sick Leave Policy is “Healthy”

Employees calling in sick? It’s extremely common this time of year. And with a flu vaccine that’s just 10% effective against the dominant strain in Australia, Middle Tennessee employers are right to be concerned about a “flupocalypse” in our hemisphere this season. Whether staff absences are due to influenza, other illnesses or “mental health days,” […]

Pivoting Your Middle TN Business: Why and How to Shift Your Strategy

The rate of change in business is accelerating – dramatically. New opportunities are everywhere, and technology is driving innovation in virtually every industry. What does that mean for your Middle Tennessee business? It’s pretty clear: Evolve, or lose business to your competition. Sometimes, a simple tweak is all your organization needs to stay at the […]

A Great New Year’s Resolution? Get Organized (and Stay Productive!)

Yearning for a luxurious corner office? A sprawling space with bookcases, filing cabinets, closet storage, and more? You’ll get there someday – but for now, you need to make your existing work space work for you. If you’re feeling cramped, disorganized or frustrated in your job, now is the PERFECT time to do something about […]

Too Many Employees Calling in Sick? Your Guide to Dealing with Attendance Problems

Employees Calling in Sick

They run late. They call off last-minute. They always seem to suffer from a mysterious “illness” the day after a holiday. And their chronic attendance problems are driving you nuts. Frequent absences negatively impact your team’s productivity, efficiency and morale. Regardless of the size of your organization, responsible employees become annoyed when they have to […]

Summer’s Nearly Here. What are you going to do with your kids?

School’s almost out for summer. What’s your game plan for your kids? Let’s face it. With a lot more free time available, your children will be looking for things to do (especially while you’re at work!). Use these ideas from our Lebanon staffing service to keep your kids busy, happy, learning and productive this summer: […]

Frustrated with Skills Gaps? Wood Can Help

Tired of talent crunches? Sick of skills gaps? Done with position vacancies? It’s understandable, in light of current employment market and demographic conditions. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the U.S. workforce is transforming – dramatically. For example: Women are comprising a greater share of the workforce. Large numbers of Baby Boomers are exiting […]