What is Polywork and What Does it Mean for Staffing?

What is Polywork and What Does it Mean for Staffing? - Wood Personnel Services

In recent years, the concept of “polywork” has gained traction as a new approach to work-life balance and career fulfillment. Polywork refers to the practice of engaging in multiple professional activities or projects simultaneously, often across different industries or skill sets. This flexible and dynamic approach to work challenges traditional notions of career paths and […]

Resume Round Up: 4 Must-Read Posts to Make the Cut – and Get that Interview!

Writing a resume for the first time? Need to dust off an outdated resume? Want to make your resume more competitive? You’ve come to the right place! Below are summaries and links to 4 posts to help ensure your resume gets read, presents your experience in the best light, and increases your chances of landing […]

Think Job Hopping is Bad for Your Middle TN Career? Think again.

Statistics cited in this earlier Wood Personnel post on hiring job hoppers show that frequently changing jobs is becoming the norm: Average job tenure in the U.S. is at 4.6 years, and 45% of employers expect new college grads to work for them for less than two years (CareerBuilder). The majority of employers (55%) have […]

To Find a Great Job in Middle Tennessee, Make Sure You Prepare Your References

So what does a Middle Tennessee job seeker have to do these days to land a great opportunity? You have to think ahead further in the hiring process.  When a recruiter contacts you and invites you in for an interview, you need to have your resume ready, your interview answers prepared, your appearance polished and […]

Thinking of Making a Job Change? The Time May Be Right!

Despite a disappointing jobs report in April, overall confidence in the job market is on the rise.  Across the country, a growing number of employees are quitting their jobs. Why is this such a good sign? According to a recent survey of recruiters, 28 percent of the job openings employers had in January were due […]

Succeed at Your New Job by Meshing with the Corporate Culture

Landing a new job or assignment in Middle Tennessee takes hard work, patience and sometimes a little bit of well-timed luck.  When you land a great opportunity, it’s only natural to be excited.  After that initial excitement wears off, however, you may start worrying about the uncertainty inherent in any new work situation – like […]