Simplicity or Detail: The One-Page Resume Dilemma

Simplicity or Detail: The One-Page Resume Dilemma - Wood Personnel Services

The debate over the ideal length of a resume has long been a topic of discussion among job seekers and hiring managers alike. While some advocate for the simplicity and conciseness of a one-page resume, others argue that a more detailed, multi-page resume provides a comprehensive overview of one’s skills and experiences. In this article, […]

Recruiting Pain? Here’s Why It Hurts – and What to Do About It

“UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IMPROVE ACROSS ALL COUNTIES“ This headline, published by the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development (TDLWD), is great news for Middle Tennessee’s economy. But if you’re trying to recruit great people? Not so much. The latest data from the TDLWD paints a stark picture of our state’s employment landscape: just 2 of […]

Liar, Liar: Tips for addressing dishonesty in your Middle Tennessee business

How honest are your employees? Do you honestly know? Dishonest actions like stealing, covering up mistakes and lying on résumés occur in businesses throughout Middle Tennessee every day.  And while you might be reluctant to admit it, your very own workers could currently be engaged in dishonest behaviors – costing your company money, damaging its reputation […]

Exit Interviews Can Combat Middle Tennessee Turnover Issues

Why do employees leave your company? Higher pay from competitors?  Issues with managers?  Mismatches between candidates and your company? Chances are, your reasons for employee turnover are as varied as the workers themselves.  Change is a constant in business and a certain amount of turnover is to be expected.  But if turnover is a chronic […]