A Great New Year’s Resolution? Get Organized (and Stay Productive!)

Yearning for a luxurious corner office? A sprawling space with bookcases, filing cabinets, closet storage, and more? You’ll get there someday – but for now, you need to make your existing work space work for you. If you’re feeling cramped, disorganized or frustrated in your job, now is the PERFECT time to do something about […]

Middle Tennessee Recruiters’ Guide to Writing Better Offer Letters

You’ve combed through a barrage of resumes with a critical eye.  You’ve conducted several rounds of interviews.  You’ve checked references and narrowed the field. You’ve put a ton of time and energy into the selection process, and you’ve finally found “the one.”  Is it really necessary to submit a formal offer letter? Yes – here’s […]

Do Your Employees and Co-Workers Really Like You?

You don’t have to necessarily be liked to get your job done. But it can make things a whole lot easier for you.  Being viewed positively in the workplace often goes hand-in-hand with being respected, being successful, being promoted and earning more money. So do your employees and co-workers like you? If you put a […]

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Middle Tennessee Workplace – A Growing Concern

Imagine this scenario: A female employee tells her boss at work that she is pregnant.  Her boss fires her after learning the news, even though she is still able to work for several more months. Sound unbelievable?  Unfortunately, things like this really do happen – right here, in Middle Tennessee. Cases of women being fired […]

Need Temporary Employees for Your Middle Tennessee Business? Leave the interviewing to us!

Successfully managing your Middle Tennessee business takes the right combination of control and delegation.  You need to do some things yourself, but you can (and should) delegate other responsibilities to your employees or business partners. Interviewing temporary employees is one of those things which should definitely be delegated to us.  Here’s why. It’s certainly understandable […]