Communication Strategies for Open Enrollment Benefits

Open enrollment season is upon us.  Is your organization prepared? Although health care reform has been relatively quiet this year, an active political scene has kept rising health care costs at the media’s forefront.  This attention, coupled with an uncertain economy and a renewed corporate focus on wellness, has fueled the need for better open […]

When it Comes to Work/Life Issues, Men and Women are More Alike than Different

Men and women are different in many ways.  But when it comes to work/life balance issues, they apparently share several of the same concerns. Results from a WorldatWork fall 2010 research study conflict with a previously wide-held assumption about the differences between men and women – namely, that male identity is rooted in work, while […]

Assessing Your Hiring Needs, Part 1: Do you really need to hire someone?

Has business picked up for you?  Is your company experiencing growing pains?  Are your employees putting in overtime? All of these may be signs that you need to start hiring again.  But with fluctuating workloads and an uncertain economy, determining whether or not you need to add permanent headcount can be a real challenge.  On […]