That Candidate Looks Great on Paper – But Will They Fit Your Culture? (part 2)

They certainly have the skills and experience you’re looking for. But will that new hire thrive on the job – or clash with your team? In our first post of this “hiring for cultural fit” series, we detailed hiring techniques you can use to gauge how well a potential employee will match your organizational culture. […]

That Candidate Looks Great on Paper – But Will They Fit Your Culture? (part 1)

It doesn’t make sense. After hiring what you thought was the ideal candidate – someone with the right skills and background, and an appropriate level of experience – you watched them flounder. Despite your best efforts, within a few months, they crashed and burned. Where did your hiring process go wrong? Maybe they weren’t the […]

Hiring for Fit in Nashville

Hiring Best Employees in Nashville | Wood Personnel Services

How are cowboy boots and employees alike? Fit is critical! When it comes to determining how well boots fit, all you really need to do is try them on and walk around for a little while. But when it comes to assessing a candidate’s fit within your Middle TN organization, things are a bit more […]

When the Best Candidates are Passive, Your Recruiting Can’t Be

You’ve heard the stats. You know the score. Unemployment is low; job creation is steady; our economy continues to trend upward. These facts crystallize what you already understand deep down in your gut: Recruiting exceptional talent is tough! Most high performers are gainfully employed. And in a market where the best candidates are passive, your […]

Don’t Let these Job Personalities Undermine Your Business

“He looked great on paper. How did he turn out to be such a disappointment on the job?” Ever find yourself muttering this a few months after hiring somebody you thought was a great candidate? It happens. Even seasoned hiring managers occasionally miss subtle cues that a candidate may be bad news. And besides, some […]