Hiding in Plain Sight? How to Spot – and Fix – Unproductive Employees

Have unproductive employees who spend their work day napping? Show up to work dressed in their bathrobe? Do nothing but shuffle papers or walk in circles for eight hours? Not likely, right? Chances are, most of your employees appear busy – because unproductive workers don’t want to be found out! If they’re caught procrastinating or […]

Vetting Job Candidates? Stay Compliant, While Getting the Information You Need

Hiring in Middle Tennessee? Then you know how valuable background checks can be in protecting your business: reducing bad hires and resultant turnover costs; reducing expenses caused by frequent absenteeism, employee theft, employee fraud and litigation; reducing risks associated with employee drug and alcohol abuse; improving safety in the workplace… But along with these benefits […]

Put a Ring on It! Why and how to build a stronger relationship with your staffing provider

Want to access higher quality candidates, more quickly and cost-effectively? Prevent critical staff shortages? Make your staffing process simpler and more efficient? It may be time to take your staffing relationship “to the next level.” Whether you work with multiple staffing services or have a preferred or exclusive relationship, finding ways to work more effectively […]

Boosting Productivity? It’s as easy as leaving your employees alone (sort of)

  Think holding employees’ feet to the proverbial fire will improve their productivity? It very well may, but we’ve found research to support a decidedly different approach to performance management: Sometimes employees work their best when you leave them alone. To clarify, we’re not suggesting you stop managing them entirely (that would backfire, for sure!). […]

Business Success in Middle Tennessee: Become an industry leader in 2013

Merely surviving in our volatile post-recession economy is a significant accomplishment.  But what are small business owners doing to thrive? They’re giving their companies a makeover – and moving to the front of the pack.  In fact, a recent survey by Citibank shows that a majority of respondents (53 percent) have stayed “afloat or competitive” […]