Hangry? That’s No Way to Work!

Ever forget to eat lunch, then wonder why you’re irritable and unfocused by 3 p.m.? You were probably “hangry.” “Hangry” is an amalgam of “hungry” and “angry.” The term may sound funny, but it can create serious problems in the workplace. Most of us become irritable, distracted or unpleasant when we don’t eat regularly – […]

Looking to Mitigate Risks for Your Middle TN Business? We can help with that!

Calculated risks? They’re part of being a Middle TN employer. Capturing new business opportunities and thriving post-recession requires tolerating a moderate amount of risk. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to unnecessarily put your business in jeopardy. To manage intelligently, look for ways to mitigate risks and protect your company. Nashville staffing firms like […]

What Does Tennessee’s New Employment Litigation Reform Law Mean for Your Business?

Good news. Recent changes to employment litigation law are a boon for Tennessee employers in their defense of discrimination and retaliation claims. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill that places caps on the availability of non-monetary damages that Tennessee employees can seek under three acts: Tennessee Human Rights Act (THRA) Tennessee […]