You Got It? Flaunt It!

Confident Woman Impressing Businesspeople

Are we suggesting you show off your killer dance moves at your next Middle Tennessee job interview? Maybe demonstrate your juggling prowess? Nope. We’re talking about flaunting your soft skills. Success in any job requires much more than task-specific skills; it takes soft skills, which are traits that allow you to work well as a […]

Nashville Leads the Way!

  At Wood Personnel, we already know that Nashville is an amazing place to live and work. Offering a vast array of cultural, employment and economic opportunities, the heart of Middle Tennessee is beating strong – and getting even stronger by the day. Admittedly, we’re a little biased. But you don’t have to take our […]

Giving Thanks: The best ways to say “thank you” at work

Thanksgiving is just a few days away – and it’s the perfect opportunity to express your thanks to everybody you encounter at work: clients, customers, co-workers, employees, supervisors, vendors and other service providers. But many of us feel awkward expressing our gratitude or don’t know the most appropriate ways to show appreciation. Office dynamics, company […]

You’re Hired – Because You’re Just Like Me

Right or wrong, many interviewers rely on “gut instinct” – that immediate sense of whether or not a candidate will work out. In some cases, this initial perception keeps interviewers from wasting valuable time on dead-end applicants; but in others, it may thwart successful hiring – and prevent talented candidates from getting the jobs they […]

Want to Be More Successful? Make Your Mornings More Productive

Mornings are a fantastic time to get things done.  There are fewer interruptions, the day is still full of possibilities and your willpower is renewed after a good night’s sleep.  When you check things off your To Do list in the morning, you head into the afternoon feeling as though you’ve really accomplished something – […]