You Deserve a Vacation.

Jill just requested two weeks off mid-July. Conor is planning a weekend getaway over Memorial Day. Lauren is trying to pick the best time to take her trip to Cancun (and that’ll be her second trip this year!). Seems like your entire staff is planning their vacations. What about you? You deserve a vacation, too. […]

Best Retention-Boosting Ideas for Young Workers

Employee turnover continues to be a major concern for Nashville employers. In fact, survey results show that 48% of employers list turnover as the chief reason they’re hiring. What’s fueling the problem? Demographically speaking, turnover is occurring for very different reasons. Baby boomers are rapidly retiring, while younger groups like millennials are changing jobs to […]

When it Comes to Attracting Great Talent, Nashville is Luckier than Most

Great talent is flocking to Nashville. In fact, City Observatory, an urban policy think tank, reported that the number of college-educated, young professionals moving to our city increased by a whopping 48 percent between 2000 and 2012! That’s nearly double the national average of 25 percent, and it puts Nashville in second place in the […]