Your Recruiting Magnet: How to Strengthen and Protect Your Employment Brand

Your Recruiting Magnet | Wood Personnel Services

Want to attract more A-level talent? Create a more powerful recruiting magnet – by strengthening your employment brand. In a tight candidate market, your employment brand is more important than ever. Below, our Nashville employment agency reviews the best ways to build – and protect – yours, so you can attract the best active and […]

Improve Productivity in Your Middle Tennessee Workplace

Stop for a minute and take a quick inventory – how often do you try to do more than one thing at a time?  Type an e-mail while sitting in on a conference call?  Eat lunch while preparing a report?  Talk to a co-worker while checking your iPhone? If you’re like most professionals, you probably […]

Assessing Your Hiring Needs, Part 1: Do you really need to hire someone?

Has business picked up for you?  Is your company experiencing growing pains?  Are your employees putting in overtime? All of these may be signs that you need to start hiring again.  But with fluctuating workloads and an uncertain economy, determining whether or not you need to add permanent headcount can be a real challenge.  On […]