Tips for Happier Employees in the New Year

It’s no big mystery: Happier employees are more productive, motivated and healthy. What’s more, research from 24 Seven has shown that unsatisfied employees are 11 times more likely to leave their jobs within 12 months – which is significant, when you consider the costs of recruiting, hiring and training replacement workers. With the holidays upon […]

Hiring Customer Service Personnel in Middle Tennessee? Read this post first.

Providing consistently exceptional customer support can create real business advantages for your organization.  When you have the right service personnel in place, you can retain more customers, generate free positive word-of-mouth advertising (because well-treated customers are likely to tell others about their great experiences) and build a better bottom line. So when it’s time to […]

Do Workaholics Really Make Good Employees?

Everyone admires “go-getters” who do whatever it takes to get the job done.  In small- to medium-sized business, especially, hard-working employees who regularly log 50+ hours per week can be  indispensable assets. But are workaholics really great employees, or can they actually be detrimental to your business? It depends.  When an employee “burns the midnight […]

Assessing Your Hiring Needs, Part 1: Do you really need to hire someone?

Has business picked up for you?  Is your company experiencing growing pains?  Are your employees putting in overtime? All of these may be signs that you need to start hiring again.  But with fluctuating workloads and an uncertain economy, determining whether or not you need to add permanent headcount can be a real challenge.  On […]

10 Ideas for Better Staffing Results

Great staffing results don’t happen by accident. They occur when smart people (like you) invest in creating the best possible relationship with a quality staffing firm (like Wood Personnel).  Don’t leave your staffing success to chance.  Use these 10 ideas to achieve better staffing results: Give temporary employees formal job descriptions. Job descriptions should be […]

The Value of Creating a Flexible Workplace

Do you offer flexible work options to your employees?  Does it really matter?  Take a look at what two recent studies showed about the prevalence and importance of workplace flexibility. The first, a recent Survey on Workplace Flexibility from WorldatWork, found that: The vast majority (98 percent) of U.S. employers offer at least one workplace […]