Want a Job in Middle Tennessee? Start Here.

Think temporary work is just for “losers” who “can’t find a real job”? That temporary assignments are dead ends? That you can’t really get full-time hours as a temporary employee? Think again – because the numbers paint a very different picture. Every few years, the American Staffing Association (ASA) surveys temporary and contract workers around […]

Not a Mind Reader? 6 Things Your Supervisor Wishes You Knew

Work would be so much easier if you had psychic abilities. You’d be able to: know what your boss was thinking anticipate his frustrations understand how to exceed his expectations …all without him ever having to utter a single word! Sadly, however, the vast majority of us has no psychic ability whatsoever. But even if […]

What’s It REALLY Like to Be a Temporary?

  Be honest. When you hear the phrase “temp employee,” what image crops up in your mind? A confident, hard-working individual who’s gaining valuable experience, making new connections and earning a competitive wage? Or a slacker in a menial job, just trying to collect a paycheck until a “real job” comes along? We wouldn’t blame […]

Interviewing for Middle TN Jobs? Steer clear of interviewer’s top 4 pet peeves

  Want to really drive your interviewer nuts? Of course not – you want the job! But sometimes, qualified candidates unwittingly ruin their chances by making small mistakes that irritate the hiring manager. How can you avoid those missteps? Today, Wood Personnel shares 4 pet peeves that can drive interviewers nuts – so you’re sure […]