Not Loving Your Job? Here’s What to Do

Work is great when it’s great. But when the hours are tough? The pay isn’t enough? Or your co-workers are a nightmare? You still have to show up and give it your all. If you seem to be having more bad days than good lately, it may be time to look for new jobs in… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Entry Level Job (Hint: Don’t just phone it in!)

“Look on the bright side.” “When life hands you lemons, make some lemonade.” “Find the silver lining in that cloud.” When you’re entry level job isn’t what you hoped it would be, you don’t need platitudes like these. You need solid plan to Adopt the right mindset. Anyone who is just starting out in a… Read more »

Showoff or Shrinking Violet – Who’s More Likely to Get Ahead at Work?

Getting ahead at Work | Wood Personnel Services

In a perfect world, your accomplishments would speak for themselves. You’d automatically earn raises and promotions for your hard work, without having to self-promote. But we all know that’s not how the real world operates. The real world of work is, at times, an unfair place – full of jealous co-workers, tough bosses and tricky… Read more »

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Job Search

  Helpless? Discouraged? Frustrated? That’s no way to feel when you’re looking for jobs in Middle Tennessee. But if you’ve been conducting a fruitless job search for any length of time, it’s only natural to feel like you’re at the mercy of HR and hiring managers. You may even imagine them sitting at their computers,… Read more »

Your Middle TN Job Search: Why it’s NOT a Numbers Game

  Tired of blindly applying to dozens upon dozens of jobs – and never landing that interview you really want? We hear similar stories from frustrated Middle Tennessee job seekers all the time – people who think that finding a job is a “numbers game,” and if they just upload enough applications, their dream job… Read more »

Catch the Wave: Surf the internet to protect your online reputation – and your job search

In today’s employment market, everybody is “catching the wave.” As a job seeker, you probably use the internet to research potential employers and job opportunities. When you apply for jobs in Murfreesboro, those same employers are likely checking you out online, too. What are they looking for? Hiring managers want to find out: where you’ve… Read more »