5 Questions that Break Through a Candidate’s “Interview Persona”

Make no mistake about it. Whether your job candidates call it “putting their best foot forward,” “playing the game,” or “putting on their best face,” interviewees try to hide behind personas they create – and show you only what they want you to know. Who can blame them, really? They’re trying to land jobs, and […]

Jobs in Middle Tennessee: Do You Really Need a Paper Résumé in the Digital Age?

In a word:  “Yes!” Despite the popularity (and convenience) of the electronic résumé, most hiring managers and recruiters still like the low-tech printed version.  In fact, many experts say that a paper résumé can still actually make or break your bid for a job in Nashville.  Here are a few reasons why: Note taking.  Recruiters […]

Are You a Recent Graduate in Middle Tennessee? Get Ready for a Tough Job Hunt

It’s tough out there. You know what I’m talking about, especially if you know (or are) a recent college graduate who’s tackling a job search alone. Although hiring by on-campus recruiters has increased by 10 percent, the class of 2012 still faces a mixed job market.  Here are a few facts and stats that put […]