Your Newest Workplace Management Challenge? Helping Human and Robot Workers Coexist

Human and robot fist bump

Think managing people is difficult? Get ready for an even bigger challenge: Managing humans and robots as co-workers. From autonomous cars and robotic pick-and-packers, to automated checkout lines and manufacturing “cobots,” technology is disrupting entire industries. This automation is causing fundamental shifts in how work is performed. Case in point? McKinsey & Co. predicts that… Read more »

Is It Time to Fire a Problem Employee? Know the signs – and follow the law in Middle TN

Sometimes it’s abundantly clear that you need to fire someone: They no-show/no-call four days in a row. They throw a temper tantrum in front of a client, and then verbally threaten them. They convert their cubicle into a DJ booth and spin records instead of working. Obviously, these are extreme (and thankfully, fictitious) examples. In… Read more »

“You’re Doing That Wrong”: Tips for Providing Constructive Employee Feedback

Employee feedback that: is rooted in frustration or anger? only criticizes behavior, without sharing constructive advice for improvement? is shared publicly? Yikes – that’s a recipe for disaster. When employees feel personally attacked, are humiliated or receive no clear direction for improving their performance, they’re not likely to take advice to heart. They’ll just wind… Read more »

Halloween Happenings in Middle Tennessee

Halloween 2017 is just around the corner! If you’re looking for things to do in Middle TN, here are a few options to get you in the “spirit.” And from all of us at your Lebanon staffing agency, Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Patch at Gentry’s Farm Location: 1974 Highway 96 West, Franklin Date/Time: Saturday, October 28,… Read more »

Move Over, Indeed – Facebook Jobs is Here

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: Facebook has launched a new feature that allows employers like you to post job openings on your company page. When users see a job opening, they can simply click “Apply Now” and send you an application directly from the social media platform. Neat concept, but is it a… Read more »

Keep ‘Em on Their Toes

Keep Them on Their Toes | Wood Personnel Services

If you want to run a successful Middle Tennessee business, you need a winning team – comprised of people who are goal-oriented, focused and yes, competitive. What’s more, your culture must support their success. In addition to providing the training and resources your employees need, you must foster an environment in which healthy competition is… Read more »

Summer’s Nearly Here. What are you going to do with your kids?

School’s almost out for summer. What’s your game plan for your kids? Let’s face it. With a lot more free time available, your children will be looking for things to do (especially while you’re at work!). Use these ideas from our Lebanon staffing service to keep your kids busy, happy, learning and productive this summer:… Read more »

Frustrated with Skills Gaps? Wood Can Help

Tired of talent crunches? Sick of skills gaps? Done with position vacancies? It’s understandable, in light of current employment market and demographic conditions. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the U.S. workforce is transforming – dramatically. For example: Women are comprising a greater share of the workforce. Large numbers of Baby Boomers are exiting… Read more »

New to Management? Avoid These “Rookie” Management Mistakes

Just landed your first management role? Congratulations! Now be sure you don’t mess it up. We’re kidding, of course. Everyone has a first management role. And we’re all human! At one point or another, we all make management blunders. But with sound information and a little diligence, you can avoid the most common management mistakes… Read more »

How to Increase Work Flex in Your Manufacturing Environment

  “Variation.” “Departure from the norm.” “Atypical.” Terms like these are BIG red flags in a manufacturing environment – unless you’re talking about work flex, that is! Creating a culture that increases flexibility for employees is good business. Consider these statistics: cites several studies showing that optimal workplace flexibility is a smart strategy for… Read more »