Cheers to 30 Years…Keep On Chuckin’

Our Middle Tennessee Staffing Firm Just Hit a BIG Milestone Wood Personnel celebrated our 30th anniversary a few days ago – and we couldn’t have done it without good people like you! The Thank You photos included in this post are of staff from our offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Lebanon and Cool Springs; we […]

Ghosting: Are You Scaring Away Good Candidates?

Ghosting | Wood Personnel Services

Was it something the interviewer said? Did your candidate receive a better offer? You’ll never know – because you’ve just been “ghosted,” and you’ll never hear from that job seeker again. Typically, “ghosting” is a term used in the dating world, to describe cutting off all contact with someone – with no warning or explanation. […]

Temp or Direct, Expect Your Time to Fill to Increase

  How much lead time do you need to find the ideal candidate? Try 5 to 6 weeks. According to a recent post, the “time to fill” average recently hit a 15-year high at 26.8 working days. Who has time for that?!? A number of factors are contributing to increased vacancy duration: The labor […]

Understaffing: It could be harming your Middle TN business more than you think

Still trying to do it faster – and better – with fewer resources? It’s time to change your staffing strategy. When the Great Recession started, businesses throughout Middle Tennessee were forced to operate in “survival mode” – where slashed budgets, layoffs and fierce competition were the norm. Many refer to this practice as “running lean” […]

Breathe – It’ll Be Okay! Stress managment tips for the holidays

Are you one of the tens of people who love a harried race through a crowded mall with a mile-long gift list? Didn’t think so. Believe it or not, the holiday season is just a few short weeks away. But if you start preparing now, using these simple strategies, you’ll skip the stress and be […]