Recruiting Pain? Here’s Why It Hurts – and What to Do About It

“UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IMPROVE ACROSS ALL COUNTIES“ This headline, published by the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development (TDLWD), is great news for Middle Tennessee’s economy. But if you’re trying to recruit great people? Not so much. The latest data from the TDLWD paints a stark picture of our state’s employment landscape: just 2 of […]

Ghosting: Are You Scaring Away Good Candidates?

Ghosting | Wood Personnel Services

Was it something the interviewer said? Did your candidate receive a better offer? You’ll never know – because you’ve just been “ghosted,” and you’ll never hear from that job seeker again. Typically, “ghosting” is a term used in the dating world, to describe cutting off all contact with someone – with no warning or explanation. […]

High Voltage Hiring: 5 Tips to Help Optimize Your Job Postings

  Hiring in Middle Tennessee? Then you need to think like a job seeker – and optimize your job postings so the right people find them when they search online. The good news? There are lots of simple tricks and tools you can use to encourage qualified candidates apply to your job. Here are five […]