Your 2019 Recruitment Plan: Hire Better and Staff Smarter

2019 wood snowflakes

Skill shortages. Position vacancies. Growth targets. Changing workloads. Your Middle Tennessee business’ challenges, priorities and goals are as unique as a winter snowflake. But regardless of what you’re trying to achieve this year, a strategic staffing and recruitment plan will help you stay on track. If you’re new to workforce planning, this earlier post explains […]

Your Recruiting Magnet: How to Strengthen and Protect Your Employment Brand

Your Recruiting Magnet | Wood Personnel Services

Want to attract more A-level talent? Create a more powerful recruiting magnet – by strengthening your employment brand. In a tight candidate market, your employment brand is more important than ever. Below, our Nashville employment agency reviews the best ways to build – and protect – yours, so you can attract the best active and […]

Workforce Demographics: Who is Generation “F”?

Savvy recruiters know about baby boomers, Gen X and even Gen Y. But there’s a new kid in town that HR and hiring managers are beginning to encounter:  Gen F. So who are they and why should you care? For starters, “Generation Facebook” is the latest emerging workforce demographic.  As a group, they’re demanding, socially […]