Resume Real Talk: How Important Is Your GPA?

Resume Real Talk: How Important Is Your GPA? - Wood Personnel Services

In the realm of job applications, the debate surrounding the relevance of GPA continues. Does your GPA truly matter in the professional world? We’ll explore the situations where GPA holds significance and when it takes a backseat to practical experience and skills. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional considering a career change, […]

Can I Get a Job in Middle Tennessee Without a Resume?

Can I get a job in Middle TN without a resume? - Wood Personnel

Yes and no. Of course, you can sometimes secure a job without a resume. However, this is not common practice, nor will it likely happen. It also depends on other factors, such as the industry, your skills, and your connections in middle Tennessee. A resume sells your skills to an employer. This document is a […]

Will a company hire you without a resume? Or Is It mandatory in 2023?

Will a company hire you without a resume? Or is it mandatory in 2023? - Wood Personnel Services

You can find a job without a resume. It is not mandatory. However, having a resume works well for you. With a resume, you will find a better fit. Remember that a resume benefits not only an employer but yourself as well. Organizations use your resume to determine if you fit a role. It is […]

Is It Okay If My Resume Doesn’t Fit a Full Page?

Is it okay if my resume doesn't fit a full page? Wood Personnel Services

Most agree that a resume should be one-page. This resume length is particularly effective for new workers who need more experience. But what if you need more experience to fit one full page? Do you have an extensive work history that needs to be shorter? It is not the world’s end if your resume is […]