Simplicity or Detail: The One-Page Resume Dilemma

Simplicity or Detail: The One-Page Resume Dilemma - Wood Personnel Services

The debate over the ideal length of a resume has long been a topic of discussion among job seekers and hiring managers alike. While some advocate for the simplicity and conciseness of a one-page resume, others argue that a more detailed, multi-page resume provides a comprehensive overview of one’s skills and experiences. In this article, […]

Resume Real Talk: How Important Is Your GPA?

Resume Real Talk: How Important Is Your GPA? - Wood Personnel Services

In the realm of job applications, the debate surrounding the relevance of GPA continues. Does your GPA truly matter in the professional world? We’ll explore the situations where GPA holds significance and when it takes a backseat to practical experience and skills. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional considering a career change, […]

Is It Time for a Resume Revamp?

Is it Time for a Resume Revamp? - Wood Personnel Services

As you progress through your career and gain new skills and experience, updating your resume can help you highlight your qualifications. The new skills might help you move up or explain your unique career goals. Is it time for a resume revamp? When You Should Consider an Update If Your Resume No Longer Reflects Who […]

What Should a Warehouse Worker Put on a Resume?

What should a warehouse worker put on a resume? - Wood Personnel Services

Warehouses are an essential part of many companies. To be a warehouse worker, you must be physically and mentally sharp in a fast-paced environment. You must be able to support your team, the various tasks, and the dynamic atmosphere. A resume is a vital step in your warehouse job search. It is the first step […]

What Are the 3 Best Skills for a Warehouse Worker to Add to Their Resume?

What are the 3 best skills for a warehouse worker to add to their resume? - Wood Personnel Services

Warehouse skills are the mental and physical qualities that enable you to perform warehouse work at a high level of competence. Some of these skills are technical and job specific, while others are general and valuable in any workplace. In warehousing, crossover skills are in high demand, regardless of whether you are in a modern […]