The Lowest of the Low: Unemployment in Nashville is the Lowest of Any U.S. Large Metro Area!

How low is Nashville’s unemployment rate? 5%? 3.5%? Try 2.7%! This recent Nashville Business Journal article shared several eye-opening facts that galvanize exactly how strong our employment market is: For the month of February 2018, government data showed the Greater Nashville area’s unemployment rate was just 2.7%. Among the 51 U.S. metro areas with populations […]

Productivity Boon: 3 Tips for Your Team to Try Today

It’s great when everything just “clicks” in your business. To Do lists get shorter. Deadlines get crushed. Customers are happy. And your employees go home in a great mood. Wishing you could have more high-productivity days like these? Keep this list of instant productivity boosters handy! Implement just one of these ideas, and your team […]