Improve Your Culture to Increase Employee Happiness – and Your Bottom Line!

Happy employees -> a healthier bottom line. Research cited in this Fast Company article showed that happiness made workers 12% more productive. It makes sense. When people are feeling positive and engaged in their work, they naturally perform at their best. And fortunately, there’s a lot you can do as an employer to ensure your […]

The Real Gig Economy: Facts Every Employer and Job Seeker Should Know

The way we get work done in Middle TN has changed – dramatically! Just a few decades ago, terms like “the gig economy” didn’t even exist. Today, individuals with alternative work arrangements represent a significant portion of our nation’s workforce. And that number is growing by the week. So, what’s the real story with the […]

What Salary Should You Offer?

What salary should you offer that new employee? How much of a raise does that promotion warrant? Is your pay competitive enough to attract the best talent? These are all great questions – but ones that can be tough to answer. After all, determining the “right” salary or pay rate can be tougher than it […]

Respect at Work: Are you earning it or losing it?

  “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” –Confucius “Respect commands itself and can neither be given nor withheld when it is due.” –Eldridge Cleaver You can’t gain respect by reading quotes like these. You can’t buy your team’s respect. You can’t have it handed to you on a silver platter from an outgoing leader. […]

Short-Circuiting? Stress management tips for the busy professional

Long hours. Difficult clients. Tight deadlines. Budgetary and resource constraints. Working under stress is part of your job, and your ability to manage it greatly impacts your success. So if you ever feel as though you may short-circuit under the pressure, try one of these quick stress management techniques to recharge and refocus: Get moving. […]

Liar, Liar: Tips for addressing dishonesty in your Middle Tennessee business

How honest are your employees? Do you honestly know? Dishonest actions like stealing, covering up mistakes and lying on résumés occur in businesses throughout Middle Tennessee every day.  And while you might be reluctant to admit it, your very own workers could currently be engaged in dishonest behaviors – costing your company money, damaging its reputation […]