Would You Ever Favor a Male Candidate Over a Female?

Of course not. As a responsible employer, you treat each candidate respectfully – and make employment decisions based on fair, legitimate hiring criteria. Still, periodic reminders about fair employment practices with respect to gender are a good idea. After all, even well-intentioned hiring managers can be unintentionally negligent when screening and interviewing. And like it […]

The Big Picture in Hiring and Workforce Management

Struggling with increasing turnover? Finding it difficult to recruit for skilled positions? Concerned with rising healthcare costs? Believe us, you’re not alone. Across the nation, organizations are struggling with a host of hiring and employment-related challenges, according to a recent survey of about 500 HR and hiring managers. The study showed that a wide range […]

Recruiting in Nashville: Train Managers for Employee Retention

According to a recent Workforce.com article, your managers can be a “secret weapon” against attrition. Although unemployment remains high in Tennessee, the number of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs rose in July, signalling a boost in job seeker confidence.  As the employment pendulum swings, retention is becoming a key concern for the region.  What should […]

Want to Be More Successful? Make Your Mornings More Productive

Mornings are a fantastic time to get things done.  There are fewer interruptions, the day is still full of possibilities and your willpower is renewed after a good night’s sleep.  When you check things off your To Do list in the morning, you head into the afternoon feeling as though you’ve really accomplished something – […]

Bias in Interviewing – Why Even the Best of Us May Be Guilty of It

Have you ever heard of implicit bias? In simplest terms, it’s bias that someone doesn’t even know he has.  Scientists have learned that the average person only has conscious access to about 5% of his brain.  As a result, much of the work a typical person’s brain does is on an unconscious level. Implicit bias […]

Thinking of Hiring a Middle Tennessee Intern? Here’s What You Need to Know

Throughout Nashville, Cool Springs, Hendersonville and Murfreesboro, things are heating up.  Summer will be here in a flash – and you know what that means.  College students will be searching for summer internships to improve their job skills and establish vital employment connections. If you’re considering hiring an intern, be sure you thoroughly understand the […]