Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Middle Tennessee: Office Party Ideas

Out with the old – and in with the new (Year, that is)! New Year’s Eve is just a week away.  If your Nashville business is planning to celebrate, here are some fun, simple and office-friendly games to break the ice at your shindig: Dress to Suit the Hat Gather a wide variety of hats.  […]

Recruiting in Middle Tennessee: Relationships are Still Critical

Why isn’t recruiting as fun as it used to be?  Does technology have something to do with it? In all fairness, technology has greatly enhanced aspects of sourcing and identifying talent.  Sophisticated recruiting software, social media  and a host of other digital tools have: made it easier than ever to screen masses of résumés and […]

Successful Workforce Management Begins with Successful Communication

Just how important is internal communication to managing your workforce? Extremely.  When you stop to consider the idea, you’ll realize that nearly every aspect of workforce management – from morale and productivity, to attendance and compliance – is impacted by the quality of your communication. You don’t have to take our word for it; research […]